About US

Founded in 1997 (as Interfaith Hospitality Network of Ocean County), Interfaith Family Services was established to serve the ever-growing population of homeless families in our community. IFS was formed using the hospitality model, allowing us to provide accommodation and case management services for up to 14 individuals at a time.

IFS is comprised of eleven host congregations & eight support congregations who provide the overnight facilities and compassionate care. Each congregation hosts in rotation, one week at a time, 12-13 times a year.

Approximately fifty volunteers are needed every week to prepare meals, serve as evening or overnight hosts, coordinate social activities, organize supplies and assist with other needs of guests. Although most volunteers are adults, youth also participate by arranging activities for young children and helping them with their homework. Each congregation has a volunteer coordinator who is responsible for managing the work of volunteers at each site. They also oversee meal donations, supply inventory and scheduling.

Each day, guest families are welcome at the Agency’s Family Day Center in Toms River where they shower, eat breakfast or lunch, prepare for work or school, and receive case management services. The Agency helps them search for housing and additional employment and offers job training, a parenting skills class, counseling, and education through referrals to local agencies and Agency volunteers. As guests enter the program, a needs assessment is completed, goals are set, and weekly meetings are held to ensure progress. Furthermore, by providing these families with shelter and food over an average of three to fourth month period, enables them to save what money they are earning to regain financial stability and provide a down payment for permanent housing.